Lowongan Marketing Communication-PT Bio Organik Nusantara

    Marketing Communication-PT Bio Organik Nusantara

    Jakarta Pusat (Jakarta Raya) - Cikini | Ditayangkan: 01-October-2019 | Tutup pada 31-October-2019

    Biogreen Science discovers that health issues all over the world today are caused by the increasing number of pollutants, lack of nutrition, stress level, as well as the inability of our bodies to constantly cleanse ourselves from the free radicals that can ultimately jeopardize our health. With the continuous decline in health quality around the world, Biogreen Science believes that everyone should start practicing a healthy lifestyle that can rejuvenate and nourish the body, so they can maintain a decent standard of living in good health and optimum fitness.
    Realizing this condition, Biogreen Science cannot remain silent and we wish to uphold our social responsibility by spreading the greatness of Uttwiler Spatlauber Swiss Apple’s amazing healing properties for the benefit of the world community. Combining Larry Widjaja’s vision and his partners’ years of extensive research in the field of nutrition, we bear witness to the establishment of Biogreen Science, the No. 1 health, beauty and fitness company in Indonesia. In two years, the growth rate has been phenomenal and there are 110.000 members and counting.
    Biogreen Science’s mission is to create a better future for millions of people who are healthier and able to create a sustainable source of income with Integrity and Heart. It is also our ultimate goal to be the ONE AND ONLY network marketing company in the world that truly cares and rewards its members with the highest payout ever in history. In time to come, we hope to be synonymous with the phrase, “Network Marketing” in the truest sense and whenever anyone mentions that phrase, the name BIOGREEN SCIENCE will automatically pop up in their mind. There is so much to be done and we wholeheartedly put our best foot forward to make positive impacts on the lives of many people who choose us.

    Job Description :
    • Melakukan branding produk kepada member
    • Melakukan resarch pasar terakit promo-promo yang akan di laksanakan
    • Melakukan presentasi kepada member terkait produk dan bisnis perusahaan
    • Melakukan koordinasi dengan tim yang terkait dalam promosi 
    • Pengembangan bisnis
    Requirements :
    • Pendidikan minimal D3 Pemasaran, Public Releation
    • Pengalaman minimal 2 Tahun dengan posisi yang sama
    • Dapat berbahasa inggris dengan baik (Aktif)
    • Menguasai MS Office dengan baik
    • Mengikuti perkembangan zaman dengan baik
    • Bersedia melakukan perjalanan dinas
    • Dapat berkomunikasi dengan baik
    • Memiliki jiwa yang aktif, kreatif, dan mempuyai inovasi 
    • Jujur, Teliti dan Tanggun Jawab
    • Bersedia di tempatkan di Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara dan Cikini Jakarta Pusat

    Our Vision
    • To be the unique one and only “Network Marketing” company in the truest sense. If anyone ever mentions the phrase, people automatically think of Biogreen Science.
    Our Mision
    • Biogreen Science is committed to create a better future for millions and able to create a sustainable source of income with Integrity and Heart.

    ALAMAT : PT Bio Organik Nusantara
    Graha Bulevar, East Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

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