Lowongan Marketing Military Project-PT. Andalan Niaga Expressindo

    Marketing Military Project-PT. Andalan Niaga Expressindo

    Jakarta Selatan (Jakarta Raya) - Buncit Raya | Ditayangkan: 17-December-2019 | Tutup pada 16-January-2020

    ANX is not an individual freight forwarding company but a fraction of a worldwide system that is present in every major city. Ever single day, new locations are being determined to ensure a more reliable and efficient service domestically and internationally. The choice of our agents goes through a highly selective process where reputation and experience in the business are valued.
    The existence of our network is to strengthen the system between all international business communities worldwide. And being linked to a global system means sharing of overseas experiences, regular reports from other countries, new methods, better services, and what's more, a tool to more effective & efficient communication. It guarantees "The Entrance to Any Port of the Globe
    Our Aim
    As any other freight forwarding company, ANX constantly aims to further enhance their network. This happens through providing an integrated service, ranging from warehousing, transportation to quality control. Customs clearance, freight brokerage, global support to customer's logistics. The difference of ANX lies in the personal care we procure. "Your goods are our goods". We promise complete devotion and responsibility to your merchandise. 

    • Memiliki pengalaman dibidang Fright Forwarding
    • Memiliki pengalaman menangani project Military atau Polri,
    • Menghubungi pelanggan (Military atau Polri) untuk mengembangkan bisnis baru,
    • Mengerti tentang eksport/import, cargo maupun logistik
    • Melakukan aktivitas penjualan yang berhubungan antara Military atau Polri dengan logistik sesuai dengan kebutuhan,
    • Dapat bekerja secara target,
    • Dapat bernegosiasi dengan baik,
    • Dapat membina hubungan yang baik dengan dunia Militery atau Polri
    • Lebih disukai Pegawai (non-manajemen & non-supervisor) khusus dalam Pemasaran/Pengembangan Bisnis atau setara.

    ALAMAT : PT. Andalan Niaga Expressindo
    Graha Mobisel, Lantai 4. Jalan Raya Buncit No 139 Jakarta Selatan

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