Lowongan Mobile App Developer ( Android / iOS / Backend Programmer)-Impact360 Solutions Sdn Bhd

    Mobile App Developer ( Android / iOS / Backend Programmer)-Impact360 Solutions Sdn Bhd

    Jakarta Raya, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Surabaya (Jawa Timu | Ditayangkan: 19-February-2020 | Tutup pada 15-March-2020

    Impact360 Solutions builds solutions for enterprise and consumer markets. We build cross-platform games and web-apps, that run on any device. Build once, deploy everywhere.
    Our parent company is MarketJS, based in Hong Kong. We're a small company, and we work exclusively with HTML5 technology.
    Our solutions include game platforms, networks and branded games. Our flagship platform, MarketJS.com has a database of over 1000+ games, connecting over 2000 game developers worldwide to large publishers.
    We also build games for large clients, such as Disney, Budlight, FIFA, Coca-Cola, Tic Tac Mints, Citibank, Acura and Hilton Hotels.

    Hello! We are a game company hiring mobile app developers and backend programmers from all parts of Indonesia (Surabaya, Jakarta, etc).
    If you have real experience building
    a) native mobile applications in Android/iOS, or
    b) backend systems (eg: chatbots, server side logic, multiplayer games, nodeJS projects)
    you're highly encouraged to apply.

    - In your application, please send samples of your past app projects. We evaluate all projects very seriously.
    - We're looking for technical and creative programmers who have experience in both Android and iOS native app development 
    - Please do not apply if you're using PhoneGap/React Native as your primary skillset. We're only looking for candidates who can code in the platform's native language. 
    - Indonesia / remote is fine with us. We have a lot of flexibility, as long as you have a solid internet connection and a strong desire to learn.
    Example tasks that we will give you include
    - Building native Android apps using Android Studio (eg: via Kotlin/Java)
    - Building native iOS apps using XCode (eg: via Swift/Objective C)
    - Writing user authentication modules (eg: email/facebook login)
    - Designing simple backend systems (eg: simple servers with databases) that the native apps connect to via APIs
    - Designing simple user interfaces using native app language
    - Designing simple AR / VR experiences using native apps
    - Building thin client apps which load items dynamically (eg: via the WebView element)
    - Integrate 3rd party SDKs
    - Designing simple APIs/interfaces that native apps connect to the servers with
    - Building our own SDKs from scratch (eg: simple SDKs that we can pass to our client's programmers to integrate)
    - Implementing Javascript bridges to connect the webview to HTML5 applications embedded inside
    - Building simple gamification systems (eg: badges) that are linked in a backend system
    - Adjusting/optimizing old Cordova codebases
    The candidate should:
    1) Know responsive design,
    2) Know how to build lightweight mobile applications that run well
    3) Be able to communicate well in English (written and verbal)
    4) Know backend programming 
    5) Have a bit of interest in casual games (since we're a primarily a game company)
    6) Ability to self-teach and troubleshoot
    7) Able to test the code that you wrote

    Most importantly, we're looking for candidates who fit our company culture, are fast learners, and extremely motivated. Everything else is secondary.
    Bonus points for
    - any game programming-related experience (2D/3D) will be very useful (we may ask you to help design mini game experiences if there's demand)
    - server side and database design
    - web development/agency experience (eg: able to build microsites)
    - knowledge of pushing/deploying cloud based applications (eg: Amazon, Digital Ocean, Heroku)
    In your application, please send samples of your past mobile projects. We evaluate all projects very seriously.

    We are the future of entertainment and media. We consist of a very small team in Kuala Lumpur, where the work is exciting, and everyone is passionate about making cross-platform games.
    Update: We're opening new satellite offices in Malaysia and Indonesia. If you're interested to work there, please add a note in your job application.
    Team members are encouraged to use creative solutions, to solve difficult problems. Teamwork is highly encouraged, with peer support provided by our headquarters in Hong Kong.
    Our games distribution network consist of Asia, Europe, US, Latin America and Australia. Your work will be played by millions of users per month!

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